Feb Savings- The Result

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

Okay so as you could probably tell by the shopping habits and the fact that I did not post last week I went over my 300 dollar challenge for the month. And yes, I did. I became a victim of my coupons and well over bought just for the sake of the deal but I did get a some awesome deals and learned a lot in the process. So here is last weeks total. I got 365.98 dollars worth of groceries and beauty products for 198.41. The best day in that adventure was getting 134 dollars worth of groceries for only 50 dollars. I did also take advantage of CVS Olay ECB promotion and stocked up on those because combining that with the buy product and get body wash free coupons in the paper made and the 15 dollar rebate from Olay it worth it. I now have about 30 dollars in ECB for March. and 15 dollar check on the way. All of which I did not count in the savings.

This brings my Feb spending total to 464.20. The breakdown for the month looks like the following:
I spent 464.20 dollars in groceries and beauty products
I got a total of 835.11 dollars worth of groceries and beauty products
For total monthly savings of 44%.

The goal for March don't give into my coupons just for the sake of the deal, and continue to work to reduce my bill down to 300 a month. I am already on a good start. I've even been to the grocery store once this week.

Oh and must share this steal of purchase: I got 7 yards of 100% raw silk in a print that matches my living room for only 4 dollars a yard. The silk was originally 30 dollars a yard. A great deal and lucky find. New curtains are the works.


Jen Boone,  March 1, 2010 at 11:14 AM  

I had the same problem with coupons, buy because of the deal but did I really need that much XX? But you are so lucky to find that silk AND especially lucky that it actually matched a room!! I bought some designer fabric which was really cheap but then it doesn't really match or DH didn't like it for the office. Still hanging onto it though

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