Quilt Class Week 1

>> Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So in order not spend the summer watching TV aimlessly at night and to get a jump start on my Christmas projects I've signed myself up for several sewing class. Although all are classes geared towards the beginner I figured I could still learn a trick or two. Plus it is just a good excuse to sew without little interruptions. This week was the beginning of my quilting class. We are making Color Blox Stars quilt from Blank Quilting. I've chosen a somewhat softer color palette for my quilt but after seeing a few of the girl's brightly colored versions in class I have to admit I was envious. Anyway, here is a glimpse at first two blocks we made tonight.

I'll try a post what we do each week until the class is finished but with work and everything going on this month you'll have to forgive me if I miss a week or two of class.
Key Refreshers / Practicers for me tonight:
1. Half Square Triangles
2. Nesting Seams


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