>> Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So a friend of mine took me to Ladies Craft night at her church tonight. The ladies all gather and came up with crafts a head of time. The craft must be completed in two hours and someone volunteers to teach there craft. You have a good number to choose from a head of time and along with crafting you have fellowship and always very good food. Our craft to night was to stencil a dry wall ceiling tile to hang as art work in our home. The stenciles the teach brought were super cute. But I reluctantly had difficulty deciding which to do, so I freelanced. The painting started off mimicking a Heather Baily Fresh Cut print but as I started it wasn't working so I turned it into hydrangeas in a vase. And well since I haven't painted in over 15 years I am okay with it. I am only disappointed from the stand point that in the summers when I was a child and would stay with my Grandmother (who was a painter) she would pay for all these art lesson for me and I loved them and did well at them but I think she would be a little disappointed at how off my proportions are and the layering of my colors. But at least she knows a little of it stuck. In the end though I wish I would have just stenciled the coffee cup my friend told me to do. It was super cute. April I promise to follow direction next time if you take me back.


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