Recylcing for a New Bag

>> Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reading one of my old friend's blog the other day, BUP, I was inspired by the post about CourtneyCourtney, a local Philly children's clothing designer who recycles clothing into new modern day super cute outfits of kids. Her outfits and post inspired me to upcycle a few of the items in my to be repaired stash into a new bag for myself. It's a little kitchey and little retro and probably a little to young looking for this 30 year old but I was pretty proud of my make shift bag. The items used were 1-old wool scarf and 2- old plaid shirts. The pattern was self made design it as you go pattern. So no really pattern at all. Here's a photo of the end result. And BTW my friend Bernadette is an excellent photographer if you're near the Philly area definitely give her call.


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